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Corona Aur Hamari Zindagiyan

Corona Aur Hamari Zindagiyan Epi # 5

We have brought a lot of important issues under discussion in the last few episodes of “Corona Aur Hamari Zindagiyan” that came into existence during the coronavirus pandemic



Corona Aur Hamari Zindagiyan

The fifth program contains a discussion of Mental Health In Corona, With Special Emphasis On Children.

Mental health is inclusive to all, however, this program covers the effect of the pandemic on children’s mental health. Their lives at school and home have been turned upside down. Children and teenagers across the country have been struggling with mental health issues as they try to adapt to uncertain and often frightening times. Mr.

Basheer Shah discussed the factors that can affect the mental health of a child for example transition to online learning, nutrition, exercise, video games, and much more environmental that impair a child’s mental health and physical perception of the world around them.

He explained the symptoms that parents should look out for to know if their children are going through stress and recommended ways to help them cope with the uncertainties brought upon people by the pandemic.


Topic: Mental Health In Corona, With Special Emphasis On Children

Host: Fahad Abbasi

Guest: Dr. Bashier Shah

Segment: Corona Aur Hamari Zindagiyan

Edited By: Jalal Shah

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