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Apogee Studio:

Power FM 99 Also Deals In Music Production And FilmMaking For That Purpose, We Have All The Equipment And professionals to Operate Them. Power FM 99 Has A Studio That Also Meets The International Standard.

We use International Standard Software and Sound systems While Recording Your Voice, Power Fm 99 Provides You with Sound Proof Recording Room And Professional guides to Make your work Smooth And Easy.

Apogee Studio


Apogee Studio 1

APOGEE STUDIO PAKISTAN is a recording studio and performance venue in the heart of the Capital city Islamabad using Apogee products to capture inspiration and define the future of music technology.

Since 1985, Apogee. Products like Symphony I/O, Quartet, Duet, ONE, JAM and MiC have captured countless GRAMMY® and OSCAR® winning performances.



At APOGEE STUDIO PAKISTAN, our mission is to advance music education and inspire creativity by empowering artists with products that simplify the technology of high-quality recording.


Apogee Studio 3

The large space adjacent to the company’s offices has hosted legendary recording artists, up-and-coming artists and movies  Like VERNA. In its short but impressive history, artists such as Amie Maciszewski a sitarist, teaching artist, and ethnomusicologist at Texas University. US Air Force Central Command Band (AFCENT) and many more have recorded and performed at APOGEE STUDIO PAKISTAN


Apogee Studio 4

APOGEE STUDIO PAKISTAN provides an audio recording facility with the experts along with the service of converting that audio into a presentable, marketable masterpiece. Besides the audio part, Apogee Studio Pakistan allows you to add video graphic depictions to your soulful audio.

Apogee Studio 5

The company has its own creative and production team with experienced and well-qualified staff including Producer RJ, Singer, Songwriter, Composer, and Music educator who work under the supervision of Nadir Abbas.

Nadir Abbas is a gifted vocalist/songwriter. He started learning music at the National Academy of Performing Arts, Karachi, Pakistan in 2006. He represented Pakistani traditional music at many International forums, He has a command of Eastern and Western music vocals and theories.

Apogee Studio 6

Nadir Abbas has produced and sung many commercials, Jingles, and OSTs for different Dramas

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Apogee Studio 7


  • Pay by the hour or by the day
  • Book a session in a room where live streaming is available
  • Once in the studios and you are ready to ‘Go-Live’,

Our studios are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Write and produce around the clock.

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