Corona Aur Hamari Zindagiyan EP # 3 – Power FM 99
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Corona Aur Hamari Zindagiyan

Corona Aur Hamari Zindagiyan EP # 3

Mr. Babar Basheer mentioned all the different categories of Child abuse and he also briefly explained what age group has a higher chance of getting being abused easily and why?



Corona Aur Hamari Zindagiyan Presented By Power FM 99

The third program contains a discussion of child sexual abuse and its prevention.

In this program, the types of child abuse as well as how adults/parents can take protective measures against it were discussed.

Mr. Baber narrates the importance of giving the right education to children to help them identify good vs. bad touch. why abused children are reluctant to tell, what abusers did to endure their victims to remain silent. what are the mental and physical effects of Sexual Abuse on the life of the child who went through this abuse?

Topic: Child Sexual Abuse And Its Preventions

Host: Dr. Fahad Abbasi

Guest: Mr. Babar Basheer

Segment: Corona Aur Hamari Zindagiyan

Edited By: Jalal Shah

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