Published on May 4, 2017

Radio News Network (RNN) visited venerated shrine of the ‘Patron Saint of Potohar “Shah Abdul Latif Kazmi” popularly known Bari Imam, in the Union Council 2 of Islamabad Municipal Corporation on Saturday (April May 29, 2017). It was 9th program on Potohar titled ‘Suno Moto’. The issues that were probed into was the odd reality of not holding of the annual festival held on the shrine of the Saint, that used to pull the people from the whole Potohar in particular and the rest of the country in general, for the last ten years. Myriad of issues came to the fore while the RNN team interacted with the local representatives and the general populace of the town — it was all about livelihood, hygiene and environment and, above all, the shrine itself.